Kin-Ball Workshop

“Kin-Ball was so fun and a unique way to spend time with colleagues. We could get to know each other better and focus on collaboration”

Team-building exercises, school tournaments and social events

We are happy to come out and show Kin-Ball. We have experience in visiting schools, institutions, companies and public events.Kin-Ball is also an excellent activity for social events, such as summer parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties and birthday parties.Please contact us from here.

Kin-Ball workshop for private social events:

2-hour Workshop in Jutland or Fyn 1,995 kr.
2-hour Workshop in Sjælland 2,895 kr.

Kin-Ball workshop for larger corporate events:

Please contact us for the quote.

Past example:

  • a half day workshop at corporate events 7,000 kr.
  • one day workshop at corporate events 10,000 kr.

**If your company has fewer than 30 employees, the price is open to negotiation. Please contact us for more details.

What’s included in the price:

The price includes two instructors, rental of equipment and insurance.

What is NOT included in the price:

The price does not include 1) transport costs for participants and instructors and 2) venue charges.

The fuel surcharge will apply according to the state rate if instructors need to drive to the venue.