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The size matters
Kin-Ball i Aarhus - spil med

The Size Matters

The balloon-like ball is surely the distinctive characteristic of the sport. It’s important not to drop the ball!

Three teams on the field

Three Teams on the Field

Three teams, grey, black and blue, compete on the same field at the same time. Confusing? YES. But, it makes the game more exciting!

Hit and catch

Hit and Catch

The team in possession of the ball is the attacking team, which hits the ball to one of the defending teams. The defending team must catch the ball without dropping it and becomes the next attacking team.

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Try Kin-Ball for FREE

Are you interested?

We have an open training for anyone interested every month – Please contact us or check our Facebook and find the next open training session.

Come and try four sessions of Kin-ball training for free. So, you only need to commit once you’re sure Kin-Ball is right for you.


WHEN: Every Tuesday between 20:00 and 21:30

WHERE: Globus1, Gudrunsvej 3 A, 8220 Brabrand (google map)

Membership Fee:

Half a year (one season):

Adults 500 kr.
Students 350 kr.
Youth (under 21) 250 kr.

Full-year (two seasons):

Adults 900 kr.
Students 600 kr.
Youth (under 21) 400 kr.

Kin-Ball workshop

We offer workshops for anyone interested – team-building exercises for companies and schools, fun activities for private parties and bachelor/bachelorette parties.

Kin-Ball is a beginner-friendly sport for any age group, and it is a team sport that facilitates collaboration among the participants.

The game can be played either indoors or outdoors, depending on weather conditions.

Everyone is welcome!

Aarhus Kin-Ball Club consists of both Danes and internationals. Danish is not necessary because Kin-Ball originated in French Canada. We use French words for colors, but they are simple and easy!

International tournaments

The International Kin-Ball Federation hosts international tournaments, including the World Cup, World Club Championship and European Cup. You have the opportunity to join the team to participate in those competitions.

No Kin-Ball without a party!

We enjoy social events not only Julefrokost but also summer parties, mini golf, board game night and more!


TV2 Ostjylland: Danmarks hemmeligste sport: Analysechef havde aldrig hørt om den

We were again featured on TV2 Ostjylland! Watch the TV program and read the article here (in Danish) to discover “hemmeligste (the most hidden)” sport in Denmark.

TV2 Ostjylland: Du kan spille landskamp, hvis du har tid den uge

We were featured on TV2 Ostjylland! Watch and read the good coverage of our sport here (in Danish).

Kin-Ball i Aarhus - spil med
Billede taget af Steffen T. Nielsen for Aarhus Panorama

Aarhus Panorama: Big, bigger, Kin-Ball

Nanna Westergaard and Steffen Nielsen from Aarhus Panorama, a local free magazine, visited our open training. Read the entertaining and well-written article here (in Danish).

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