About Kin-Ball

Kin-Ball is a Canadian sport invented in 1987. The sport is popular in Quebec-Canada and is slowly gaining popularity in over 30 countries in Europe and Asia.

The distinctive characteristic of Kin-Ball is the size of the ball. The balloon-like ball is 1.22 cm in diameter and weighs just under 1 kg. The basic concept of the game is to hit and catch the ball without dropping it.

Kin-Ball i Aarhus - spil med

Interestingly, three teams are competing on the same field. Each team consists of four players and has its own colour, Grey, Black or Blue.

The team in possession of the ball is the attacking team, which must designate one of the other teams by calling out the colour of the team when hitting the ball.

The designated team becomes the defending team and must catch the ball without dropping it on the ground. If the defending team catches the ball successfully, it becomes the attacking team and continues the game. If the defending team fails to catch the ball, the defending team loses the round, and the other two teams gain a point. Eventually, the team that scores 11 points wins the game.

Kin-Ball is usually played indoors because the balloon-like ball can get carried away by the wind. But, a smaller and slightly heavier ball can be used when playing outside.

The following YouTube video created by the Kin-Ball Association of Singapore is a good starting point for understanding the basic rules.